Theatre IloSeOn

Teatteri IloSeOn is a professional solo puppet theatre with both performance and educational activities. The performances can be ordered and the main part of the stories is for children. I (Teatteri IloSeOn = Ilona) collaborate with other artists and I share my expertise by keeping worshops and courses for those interested in puppetry.

My goal is to create performances that nourish the heart, mind, and soul in terms of content and form. At its best, the story brings joy. It can touch you, encourage you and even give you some healing. There is so much interesting to explore in life, so it is obvious for me to pursue different ways of doing things and expressing myself. The joy of learning is one of the greatest joys in life.

Motto: Joy, gratitude and imagination are our best resources. Everything is possible.

Shows, Workshops and Courses

Theatre Capelle Gallery (2002-2017)