This year 2022 is a special year. It has been 20 years since I started my business offering puppet shows and education under the name Teatteri Capelle. In the last five years, I have created some new services, so it was a suitable time to renew the name of my company as well. I was pondering a lot what would be the unifying element I want to offer. Light, empowerment, love? Yes, those too, but then I realized what the highest quality is. It is joy. The name of my company is now IloSeOn (Joy It Is) and the name of my solo puppet theatre is Teatteri IloSeOn. 

To find information about channeling, energy healing and Vedic Art teaching method, check Other Services. By clicking Channeling, you can find information about Empowering Paintings and Empowering Fairies. It is a great pleasure to introduce my expanded services. Please, welcome!


Ilona Willebrandt

+358 40 825 4448

Suolahti / Äänekoski


Table Theatre Fairytales / Pöytäteatterisatuja -puppet show had its first night at the main library of Jyväskylä on the 19th September. At the moment the show is available only in Finnish. The tour is coming at the other Jyväskylä area libraries in November and December 2022.